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text - writer at work


My characters:
* = I either don’t have a model for them yet, or I’m not satisfied completely with the one I have.

> = A very developed character that I have in relation to the main character above it. I didn’t count characters that I had developed that others then took over for, cause there are many of those too

Cicely Rae McConnell (Zoe Myers)
-developed as Peter and Jason’s daughter (Ivy died at child birth). Has a twin brother, Jett.
-Marries Dane. Gets pregnant at 16. Two kids, Brooke and Bailey
-Kind of a typical teenage girl. Loves pink, plays soccer, thinks she sings better then she does. She enjoys experimenting with fashion and goes through a lot of phases of everything from country to cyberpunk to prep to goth.
-Hates to fight, but she’s got a quick temper and will trample you if you insult something she loves.

*Bailey Aaron Maddox (Jonathan Chase)
-Cicely and Dane’s son.
-He’s wicked smart. All the books that were assigned in school he’d already read 5 years before. Smart, but lazy and with no desire to prove himself, so more or less, if he’d already read it, he didn’t bother doing the homework, and his grades plummeted.
-His best friend got him into drugs, he hit them hard, and when his dad confronted him about it, he flipped out and ran away (to live with his Godfather Liam and his girlfriend Arden in NYC).
-After one of his friends there dies of an OD, he finally goes home and has his dad help him get clean. He gets his GED and works at a rehab center when he’s older.

Arden Elizabeth Williams (Evan Rachel Wood)
-Grew up in NYC, went to private school in England (PWPA).
-Has an older half brother, Payton. Has an on again off again relationship with Liam, they end up living together once he gets off his drugs.
-A+ student. Will not settle for second best. Does speed in HS so she can fit more time into her days and have a million extra curricular activities.
-Becomes a cultural anthropologist and works in a museum.

Taylor James O'Conner (Steven Williams)
-Grew up in CT. Dad runs the Navy, mom ran out when he was three, has an older brother Jeremy.
-Dated Christian(18) at age 12, more or less was raped. Then dated Cody, who became obsessive, so he transferred to PWPA, where he met and fell in love with Jean (school whore). The had a weird relationship, but enough was enough, broke up with him, got with Riordan JR year. He and Ri get married years later, have 2 babies; Marie, who they got from Jean, and Camden, who is biologically Taylors and Ri’s sisters (artificial insemination)
-He’s soft spoken, doesn’t speak up about much. He’s a charcoal artist, and more or less does that for a living because Ri is already rich. He has no sense of style at all, and all his clothes are stained with charcoal. He’s vegetarian and is obsessed with old movies.

Daiken Gerard Daniels (Chris Egan)
-He’s very religious, but in a ‘God loves everyone’ way. His best friend is a gay guy (Tanner) who comes from a religious family that condemns homosexuality.

*Shilo Stanley Preston (Douglas Smith)
-He has ADHD, is petrified of birds, grew up on a farm and has a pet goat. He’s my baby =)

Skilar Adrian Quinn (Jackson Rathborne)
-Ski himself has never had sex, and his sexuality is up in the air. Most likely gay.
-Grew up in California. His best friend is Payton, who has sever OCD, and they met at a group therapy session with Dr. Gregory. He has a pet cat named Waffles.
-Biology nerd. Ski doesn’t have a lot of friends, keeps to himself as best he can. Most of his friends can’t handle his sever mind shifts, so they don’t stay his friend long.
-Ski and his alters (who he refers to as his roommates when in discussion) talk to each other through notebooks that one of his past therapists suggested he start. He has no memory of what does on when he blacks out other then these notebooks.
-At one point, a doctor gave Ski the wrong meds, and he ended up in the hospital. He decided to go off all meds after that. Ian came out in one violent episode after that, beating up someone that was what threatening Ski. The Court ordered he go back on meds, but because of his past with them, he refused. He is now required to go to therapy on a weekly basis, and if he misses a certain amount, he could go to jail.

>Ian – Ski’s protective alter ego
-doesn’t have sex
-First Alter to pop up when his father started molesting him as a boy. Ian comes out when Ski is feeling threatened. His coming out is accompanied by violent headaches.
-He doesn’t have many interests of his own other then his fierce protection of Skilar.

>Cassie – Ski’s female 16 year old whore alter ego
-straight (for a girl)
-Cassie comes about through Ski’s sexual confusion. He’s most likely gay, and since he can’t deal with being gay because of his history with a family that condemns it (As well as being molested by his father), he developed an Alter who was a girl, there for making being with a boy okay. Her entire makeup is designed around being a whore. Her coming out is accompanied with shivers down her spine.
-she likes glitter, pink and orange, and is the only alter with her own bedroom.

>Jackie – Ski’s laid back alter ego
-Jackie came about during the first session with Dr. Gregory when the Dr. had him do an exercise to take calming breaths. He comes about when Skilar is particularly stressed, so that he can take care of everything for him. His coming out is accompanied with the same deep calming breaths.
-He’s kind of comparable to Collins from Rent, though more of a hippie. He smokes pot, is a vegetarian, plays guitar, and always wears flip flops. He’s oddly the momma of the group.

Gabriel Emmanuel Morales (Michael Altieri)
-Gabe grew up in a huge family. Half traditional Spanish, the other traditional Italian, so he’s obviously an amazing cook. He has and older brother, Michael (they were named after the arch angels.)
-His highschool girlfriend was Sasha, but his best friend Kole put and end to that, and the two started dating and later got married. They adopted two kids, siblings Krystal and Aiden. Kole and Gabe get a divorce for nearly a decade when Kole slept with Gabe’s cousin. In that time, he dated Joshua on and off.
-Gabe is a photographer, and he own an advertising company, and he makes a very good amount of money doing so (Think Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk).
-He doesn’t particularly seem gay if you know him, but it comes out when he’s cooking or decorating. When fighting, he curses in Italian, and when being romantic, he speaks Spanish.

-Lideya Mikaelia Alvarez (Asha Mevlana)
-Gabe’s younger cousin.
-Dia grew up with abusive parents (not to her, but to her big brother), so when her brother, Carter, was old enough to leave, he took her with him, and he eventually got custody of her and their baby brother Mario.
-She started a band with her best friend Caz, The 7 Budding Psychopaths. She is the only of the 7 that is female. They get pretty damn popular.
-She has a baby with Caz, but they never have an actual relationship or date.
-She’s bohemian punk, very into reverse psychology, plays electric violin, and generally has to play ‘the level headed’ one in the group.

Alexander/Dickie Richard Freeman (Matt Di Genova)
-Grew up in Texas, then his parents got divorced, and he moved with his dad to Chicago. His dad own a huge global company that we have never specified, but Alex is on his own a lot.
-He meets one of his best friends, Topher, when he gets there, and when they’re 12, literally, they’re just bored, and they become prostitutes together. They just like sex and money a lot. Good deal. He stops when he goes to rehab.
-He meets his other best friend, Nicky, when Nicky moves to Chicago and Alex is assigned to show him around school in 9th grade. They date a bit on and off.
-he goes to rehab junior year for anorexia after passing out from not eating. They also treat him for an addiction to sex.
-On again off again relationship with Jett(Cicely’s twin). First, Jett picks him up as a prostitute. They kind of date for a few months, but then Jett can’t handle the age difference. They meet again when Jett is Alex’s Science teacher in College. Date awhile, then Jett breaks up with him to try things again with his ex. They meet up again a few years later when Jett’s school is applying for a grant from Alex’s dad’s company, where Alex now works. They date for a few years, and have a few more short breakups here and there.
-Alex is a social suck up. He likes everyone knowing who he is and just how important his name is (his father is a multi billionaire. Alex feels pretty damn important). He likes clubbing, partying, grinding and having sex with strangers. Jett’s the only one that gets him to stop that. He never comes out to his father as gay.
-his Texan accent never goes away, he loves chips and soup, and he’s a closet romantic who’s afraid of getting his heart broken.

Nathanial Lawrence Lael (Kevin Flamme)
(they were originally developed as vampires in the 20’s)
-Grew up in Chicago where his family was involved with the mob and were killed when he was young. He lived with friends of his parents, where he worked at their bar to earn his keep playing the piano.
-he goes to college on a music grant, and during Mardi Gras, he goes to New Orleans and goes to one of those goth clubs and meets Adrian. They have random hot sexy vampire kinked sex. They meet up a few more times to do it again while he’s still there.
-He goes back to college, and wouldn’t you know, his French history teach the next semester is world renounced French Historian, Adrian. (Cause we control the world).
-Now that Nate knows Adrian outside of goth clubs, he’s a lot more shy and hesitant and doesn’t let his true colors show as much. They starts up a relationship and fall madly in love with each other VERY quickly, which kind of sucks, because Adrian travels the world every semester to teach at different schools.
-He’s obsessed with root beer. =)

Felicity Parker Hartmann (Clemence Posey)
-she goes by Parker. Most people don’t even know that her first name is Felicity.
-Her mom died when she was 5. Her dad was an exterminator, and he died when she was 16. She lived with her aunt for awhile, the family hated that she was there, and when she was 18, they kicked her out. She had no other family and lived on the streets of NYC for awhile before moving in with her drug dealer, Papi (she doesn’t know his real name either). She more of less stayed with him and slept with him for drugs.
-in HS, she met and started dating a girl named Lisa, who was just this kind perfect woman who never asked her to explain herself or wanted anything from her. Lisa went to college after HS, Parker went to NYC. Lisa is the only person, other then her parents, who ever called her Felicity.
-When Parker broke up with Lisa, the rest of her kind of went numb. She had no friends or family, so she turned to drugs and cutting. She has very low self esteem, which Papi uses to his advantage to keep her put. She starts a relationship of sorts a few years later with an artist named Alexia, and it’s the first time since Lisa that Parker hasn’t felt totally numb.
-Xia finally has a healthy breakthrough of sorts where she gets a job, leaves her husband, has an abortion, and gets her own place. When Xia has a breakthrough, Parker has a break down (partially from Xia, partially from Papi going to jail, and partially just from drugs) and leaves NYC without a word to Xia. She stays with Lisa a few days, then moves to Boston where he parents met. After a pretty depressing life there for several months, she sucks it up and goes back to face Xia.
-Parker is sarcastic and dry, brutally honest and kind of a bitch actually. She tends to wear 20’s inspired makeup, dark eyes and red lips, and her clothes are pretty damn eccentric. There are few things that make her passionate, and she has yet to find any kind of calling in life. She loves bugs, and she eventually finds a puppy in an ally and keeps it, cause she needs something to love unconditionally.

Helena (huh-LANE-uh) Jane Ronan (Sasha Grey)
-Straight, but will sleep with girls
-Helena grew up in South Dakota, total farm girl who went into the nearest town to take dance classes with her cousin Shayne all growing up. Dancing is her passion.
-Moved to Hollywood once she was out of high school with the hopes of being a dancer. She ended up in porn, and totally loves it, by the way. She’s not at all ashamed of what she does, though when dating guys, she’s hesitant to say what she does because they either think she’s a whore and break up with her, or they think sex is all she’s about.
-Met Sam at a party where he was tending bar. They start up a relationship and for a long time she doesn’t tell him what she does, until Sam’s roommate sees Helena in a video and outs her. They work it out for awhile, till issues come up with her being pregnant, which ultimately lead her to leaving the industry and breaking up with Sam without him knowing she’s pregnant (long story...)
-She moves back to SD, has her baby girl, Seth, and becomes a dance teacher in town.
-She meets up with Sam again a decade later when she goes to a friends party in Hollywood. They start a long distance relationship, he eventually finds out about Seth while visiting her.
-Her favorite alcohol is whisky, before being a mom she drove a motorcycle, which her brother built for her.

Shayne Jordan Barber (Drake Channing)
-Grew up in South Dakota, took dance with his cousin Helena. Moved to Oregon in High school (best friends with Jamie). Rather then trying to get famous, he went to college for Dance. He went to a party and met Holden, a closeted jock. The two had a kind of arranged thing where they met up and had sex, no strings attached. Shayne ended up falling for him, and they started a weird relationship with the pretense of ‘once college is over, so is this’. Shayne figured that wouldn’t happen, but Holden stuck to it.
-He becomes a star in the American Ballet Academy. Years after college, after a show, he gets a knock on his dressing room door. Hi Holden (who came to see the show with his wife.) They have a brief but passionate affair, and this time it’s Shayne who ends it.

James Matthew Moore (Gaspard Ulliel)
-bi, but he finds more girls to be horribly annoying.
-Grew up in Portland Oregon. Parents divorced, and he grew up with his mom, her new husband, and their daughter. He feels very out of place in his family.
-Goes to college as a math major. He likes things that a concrete and certain. He likes writing, but he finds English majors to be either emo and too dramatic to bare, or pretentious idiots, other then his friend Lacy. And none of them can write. But he is more or less forced to join the writing club.
-Where he develops a crush on the teacher, Dexter. And Jamie really likes getting his way and getting what he wants. It helps that Dex wants him just as hard. He peruses this for awhile, and finally Dex gives in, under the condition that nothing can happen until Jamie is no longer in his class.
-They are madly passionately in love with each other, but Jamie’s math adviser finds out about the relationship, and they are forced to break up. More or less worst months of their lives. Grades slip for Jamie, and Dex’s students don’t understand why their awesome teacher is kind of sucking lately.
-Dex is in a car accident, they get back together because nothing is worth that separation.

Cooper Marley Jacobs (Lucas Grabeel/Van Hansis, depending on the age)
-grew up in Queens with his mom and sisters, Elise and Rilea. Their dad left when he was five, and Cooper became the ‘man’ of the house. More the caretaker. Their mom was the best you could ask for, but she worked a lot, and so Cooper did a lot of raising his sisters.
-his best friend as a kid was Jay, the boy downstairs, but they lost touch before Middle school. In high school, Jay pops up again, and the two fall in love.
-Jay’s father makes him join the military, and while he’s gone, Cooper becomes a workaholic and puts all his money into setting up the perfect home for Jay to come home to.
-When Jay becomes a POW, the military announces him dead, and Cooper more or less nearly dies too. He develops OCD in making the home perfect. Eventually Jay does come back, all is well after some war related issues.
-Using Elise’s eggs and Jay’s sperm, they have a baby girl, Dylan. Once it’s legal, they get married as well.
-Cooper is soft spoken, and kind of the definition of a 50’s housewife. He has no career aspiration in life (though he works at a diner), and his soul focus in life is on his husband and daughter and taking care of them.

Marley Cooper Jacobs (Alison Lohman)

Elise – Cooper’s younger sister (knottykeri on devart)
-Elise goes to college on scholarships and become a lawyer, focusing a lot on issues with kids such as divorces and juvenile delinquents. She makes quite a lot of money and totally spoils Dylan.
-She often has to play the role of Jay’s wife at military functions, where Jay isn’t able to come out. She doesn’t like doing that, and often makes a fool of Jay while there, including blatantly hitting on his best friend Martin. She and Martin eventually start a relationship as well, after Elise very publicly ‘dumps’ Jay at a military function. (Jay is like her big brother. It’s creepy having to be his wife. And pointless when Jay’s got a perfectly good wife in Cooper at home)
-She is sarcastic, likes playing pranks, and enjoys teasing people (in good fun, of course).

>Rilea – Cooper’s youngest sister
-straight, but open minded
-the baby of the three, Rilea also goes to college on scholarship, becoming a doctor without borders.
-She’s more or less a hippie, without the pot. She’s bright and positive and open minded, and believes that every person has the capability of being insanely awesome.

William Andrew Benjamins (Logan Marshal-Green)

>Charlie – Bartender at the edge (Brendon Urie)

>Hannah – Charlie’s girlfriend (Audrey Kitching)

>Jake – Drug dealer with a crush on Will (Pete Wentz)

>Dylan – Runs the paperwork at the Edge (Andy Hallett)

>Maxx – The bouncer at the club (Vin Diesel)

Dominick Jacoby Quincy (Random model I will never find the name of…)

>Caden Logan Kendrick

>Anderson Paxton Quincy (Andre Douglas)

Isaiah Christopher Montgomery (Matt Cohen)

Lucas Jeremy Morgan (Luca Nicola)

Avery Jackson Burr (João Gabriel Vasconcellos)

Louis Kenneth Hill (Gerry-and-me on deviant art and Kyle Gallner)

Melvin Jonathan Harpan (Andrew Lee Potts)

Frederick Gustav Hurst (Phillip Winchester)

Penelope Celia Saraph (faestock on deviantart)

Moriah Morgan Linwood (TwiggXstock on deviantart)

Mayer Weston Constance (Thomas (TJ) Coetzze)

Aniko Nadashy (DeviantArt PersephoneStock)

Marissa Jacqueline Dillon (Troian Bellisario)

Isabelle Anne Brandon (Anna Walton)

Jaden Bradley Lasseter (Brock Kelly)

Astrid Henna (Kate Moennig)

Duncan Christopher Hadley (Nick Adams)

Quintus Julius Corvinus (Eoin Macken)

Susan Margaret Kline (Rooney Mara)

Reagan Veronica Deyn (Agyness Deyn)

Catrain Gloriana Anzeray (Andrej Pejic)
Alistair Thomas Anzeray (Andrej Pejic)

Lafayette Garrison Greer (Jana Knauerova)

Rinian Elijah Lee (Antonia Thomas)

Callum Tavin Ramsey (Aaron Johnson)

Ryland Josiah Carlisle



text - writer at work

December 2013

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