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text - writer at work

Friends only


I'm kind of a dork in the sense that I actually want to see who's reading my stuff, so comment and I'll add anyone!


added! and your icon is love!!


Thank you!:D
Sorry, that was me. I was a prat and forgot to sign in.
sure thing! love the icon! I need to get better SA one's...
Yaaaay <3333
we're friends now, and I love you many times over, and I'll get those pics to you.... when my mom finally comes home and I'm able to send packages again... heh

...you should make me a pretty icon, cause I only have 2 bare ones on here! *gasp*
*gasp* I will. Trust me, there will be much iconning when I get those pictures *nees a Chris!Matt icon*. I've made a few bare ones already, some of them are uploaded already so if you go to my userpic page you can see them. I can try to dig up the rest for you if you want.
Fuck. Ignore the typos please, I suck.
*friends* hi!!! I love friending people on Lj.. it makes me feel popular.. heh
ohh you win! I love getting new friends! what's your name? I'm Laura
and also, I tried to comment on the friends only thing on your journal, and you must have a setting on it, cause it says only people who are already friends with you can comment, which kind of defeats the perpose of 'comment to be added' lol
heh! no it works! I love friends! and any friend of Bare is a friend of mine!
I diiiid!
yay! I love friends!
yup! we're friends now!!
Hey! I absolutely love your Bare fics on FF.net. Friend me?
sure thing! Friends are awesome!
Hi, I found my way here from a bare remix on a quest to read more bare stuff.
certainly! Hi friend!
text - writer at work

December 2013

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